Beginner’s Guide on Learning to Snowboard

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The skills required for performing snowboarding are quite different from the skills that are required to perform skiing. People who are really good at surfing and skateboarding can quickly learn snowboarding, compared to those who can ski well. As with any other sport that is based on body balancing, snowboarding also depends on capabilities of the person. People sometimes mistakenly think that snowboarding is something that is easy to quickly pick up as the best boarders make the sport look effortless to novices.

The learner should have solid lessons in the different body balancing positions at various points in snowboarding. Once the initial stance position is attained, the person can quickly move on to other portions of snowboarding. For mastering the fixed stance position, one has to spend a couple of days repeatedly attempting to get it right. There will be instances when the person will fall down during the initial period of learning snowboarding. But one has to consider these falls as learning steps to achieve mastery in snowboarding. Hence it is important for the learner to have patience and perseverance and go through the initial phase.

In order to learn snowboarding quickly and effectively, one should take the help of private instructors. Though taking lessons from a private instructor is more costly than taking lessons from a snowboarding school, one could learn to snowboard quickly as the attention of the instructor will be only on one learner. In a school, the snowboarding course progression depends on the ability of the other people in the group. If some learners are slow to learn, then the whole group has to wait for the slow learners to catch up.

With respect to the tools and accessories the number of tools that are needed for snowboarding is less than the number that is needed for skiing. A snowboard is the main tool that is required to perform snowboarding. For a beginner, short length boards will be more suitable. The length can be considered as short, when it comes up to the shoulder level of the person. For a people who have moved up from the beginning stage, medium length boards, which will come up to the chin of the person will be suitable. For experienced snowboarders, who have been doing it for more than 2 years, longer snowboards are ideal. The longer snowboards will come up to the nose level of the person.