Ankle Balance Boards

Ankle balance boards are a great device for overall fitness. Sometimes referred to as “wobble boards”, they pose a number of benefits for your body.

How to Use Ankle Balance Boards

Using the equipment is quite easy. Simply stand on the ankle balance board by placing your feet atop the surface in a parallel position, and do your best to stay balanced enough not to slip off. That’s it! Once you have perfected that step, from there you can try out countless different positions and exercises on it.

What Can I Do on Ankle Balance Boards

There are a variety of movements that can tried on ankle balance boards. Which one is right for you depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve. Some of the training tasks you can research and try out include:

  • Forward-Backward – stand straight and slowly rock the ankle balance board backward. Keep your balance and then do the same by rocking it forward. The board itself should not actually touch the ground.
  • Side to Side – similar to the forward-backward movement, but this time going left and right. Remember not to let the platform of the ankle balance board actually touch the floor.
  • Circular- stand parallel on the ankle balance board as usual but with your feet a little further apart. While maintaining control, slowly lean North, East, South, and West.
  • One Leg – stand on the ankle balance board with one foot down and one foot lifted. Try not to curl your toes, keep the platform steady and straight, and lean forward to be as horizontal as you can.
  • Knees Bent – After enough practice, try the aforementioned drills with your knees bent.

How Can ankle Balance Boards Help

Ankle balance boards can help improve your core strength, which therefore will also help you have better posture. You will be strengthening muscles and joints when you use ankle balance boards. With all of this being said, the greatest benefit of ankle balance boards is that they are actually fun!