Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board

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Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board


  • Fitterfirst wooden Slant Board is an effective stretching tool for sports injury prevention & rehab
  • This adjustable incline board is designed to target & stretch arches, calves, hamstring & hip muscles
  • Each slant board is made from 3/4” birch plywood & adjusts to three levels – 26, 38 & 42 degrees
  • Benefits plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, calves, shin splints, muscle tightness & inflammation
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility & strength, while decreasing tightness, pain & recovery time


Slant boards have long been used for injury prevention and rehabilitation, reducing pain and inflammation from foot- and leg-related conditions, and stretching the lower body. Our Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board is an effective stretching tool that is designed to target arches, calves, hamstring and hip muscles for improved range of motion, flexibility and strength. The Slant Board is available in two sizes. The Regular Slant Board is a 11” square, and the Large Slant Board is a 14” square. Our incline board has non-slip top and bottom surfaces, is made from 3/4” birch plywood and adjusts to three levels – 26, 38 and 42 degrees – for customized stretching and exercise routines based on flexibility and ability level. When not in use, the Fitterfirst Slant Board folds flat, ideal for storage or transport.

Beyond the benefits of stretching the lower body, our Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board can be incorporated into any workout routine to help improve balance and strengthen muscles. Simply standing on the board, completing calf raises or using the board for other various exercises can enhance muscle development and responsiveness during physical activity, which is extremely beneficial for athletes. Because of the varying degrees of angle, our Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board is also effective in reducing recovery time after exercise and may help to relieve muscle tightness, inflammation and discomfort – especially from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, calves, shin splints, arches, hamstrings and hip muscles.


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The Fitterfirst slant board is extremely beneficial for helping to prevent injuries and aid in the rehabilitation process after injury. Not only do the various angles provide an ideal stretching platform, but users can also adjust their stance positioning on the board – such as forward-, backward- or sideways-facing – to enhance their workout and strengthen or rehabilitate various muscle groups.


Fitterfirst’s Wooden Slant Board works to naturally stretch and strengthen muscles – while reducing tension – throughout the legs, ankles and feet. The durability of the birch plywood allows for various stretches, poses and exercises to be completed on the board at varying degrees of angle for a workout and stretching tool all-in-one.


Fitterfirst Wooden Slant Board is ideal for the home, school, office or gym, as they have many versatile uses and offer non-slip top and bottom surfaces for safety and performance. Each board is perfect for standing desks and enhancing balance, varying angles for stretching and exercises and even under the desk for additional stretching or as a foot rest