INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun, Challenging Fitness

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INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun, Challenging Fitness


  • BAREFOOT GRAPHIC >> This Deck Design Is Intended To Help The Rider With Proper Foot Placement.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION >> The Original Model Includes a 30” X 18” Deck that Is Made From Cabinet-Grade Birch Wood That Is Finished With A Non-Slip Surface, A 6.5” Diameter Indestructible, Molded Roller and An Instructional DVD That Has Over Two Hours of Instructional Content.
  • FOR FUN AND FITNESS >> The INDO BOARD Is Designed Specifically to Improve the Balance, Stability, Core Strength, Coordination and the Agility Needed in Everyday Live As Well As In Sports; All While Having FUN.
  • USED WORLDWIDE BY ELITE ATHLETES >> Functional Training For Virtually Every Sport. INDO BOARDS are Endorsed By More National, World and Olympic Champions Than All Other Balance Boards Combined.
  • AN ENDLESS AMOUNT OF USES >> Improve Balance and Stability, Upper and Lower Body Strength Training, Injury Prevention, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation and Improving Neuromuscular Response Just To Name A Few.

The INDO BOARD Original features a 30″ X 18″ Cabinet-Grade, Birch Wood Deck with a Non-Slip Finish, A 6.5″ Indestructible Molded Plastic Roller and An Instructional DVD with 2 Hours Of Content.

THE ORIGINAL BALANCE BOARD SINCE 1998 >> INDO BOARD Balance Boards Have Been Used In Fitness Centers and High Performance Gyms All Over The World. INDO BOARD is the Most Recognized and Respected Name of Balance Boards Worldwide and Is Used and Endorsed by Olympic, World and National Champions in Virtually Every Sport.