j/fit Inflatable Balance & Stability Disc: (LARGEST in Industry 26")

j/fit Inflatable Balance & Stability Disc: (LARGEST in Industry 26")


  • IMPROVES STABILITY AND CORE STRENGTH: The j/fit Balance Disc helps you improve your balance, coordination, posture, flexibility, and core strength; portable to use anywhere for a quick workout
  • ANTI-BURST TECHNOLOGY – Rated to withstand up to 350 pounds, our balance trainer is molded with high-tensile materials; it’s safe for kids and adults as a fit balance stand or wobble cushion chair
  • MASSAGE SURFACE – The textured pattern improves grip and comfort during exercises, core strength training, yoga, or any muscle toning workout program
  • LARGE SEATING AREA – At 26 inches wide, our fit discs are ideal for seated exercises, squats, ankle drills, even for dog and pet training
  • EASY TO INFLATE – Unlike cheap quality substitutes, the j/fit balance disc is easily inflatable with the included inflation straw; adjust the air to your workouts for optimal results

Product description

Improving your body’s core is one of the keys to improved fitness and health. The j/fit Fit Disc is ideal for building core stability, strengthening your back and abdomen, increasing muscle tone, and aiding weight loss. Use it for crunches and squats to add more resilience to stabilizer muscles.

Complete your full training regimen without wondering if your fit disc will stay inflated. Standing or kneeling, the cushion stays rigid yet flexible, supporting up to 350 pounds of pressure. Ideal for beginners to advanced trainers looking to supplement exercise rotations with a broader range of movement. Try it in the office as a balance cushion while you work.

The disc is patterned with raised bumps on both sides, working as a massage pad while providing reliable grip. Use the smoother side for core workouts and balance control, and switch to the raised side for foot grip drills. Perfect for squats, pushups, lunge raises, calf lifts and more.

Choose between 26 and 13 inch sizes to accommodate all of your exercises. Use the smaller disc for balancing and stability work, then move to the big disc for seated body activity. Many fitness lovers are also pet owners who will love the versatility of each disc. Beginner balance training, rehabilitation, and general programs can be implemented, improving your dog’s overall fitness.

Inflate your fit disc hassle-free with the included needle and pump. It works just like pumps for basketballs and footballs. The air chamber is large for quick inflating so you can quickly adjust your cushion’s support, yet small to stow in your gym bag.

-j/fit Stability Trainer Balance Disc
-Helps Improve Core Strength and Balance
-Supports Up To 350 lbs
-Black, Blue, Purple, Red -Inflation Needle and Pump Included