StrongTek Oval Wood Balance Board and Wobble Stability Rocker,Strength

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StrongTek Oval Wood Balance Board and Wobble Stability Rocker,Strength


  • Build Core Strength, Stability, and Flexibility – The StrongTek wooden balance board lets you engage your core, legs, abs, and lower back when you’re at work, home, or the Yoga studio for consistent, low-impact workouts.
  • Wider, More Stable Design – A better choice over round core balance boards, the elongated oval shape and 350-lb. wooden frame allow for improved stability and control when shifting weight or steadying yourself at various angles.
  • Skid-Resistant Surface – Our stability rocker and standing desk balance board features an anti-slip top to give you more control over leans and tilts and to ensure you don’t slip off when you’re shifting for improved confidence and support.
  • Smarter, More Efficient Shape – Ideal for standing or doing pushups, the 17.5”x13.7″ oval shape makes it better than round or shorter boards and allows for enhanced muscle group training, angles, and difficult levels.
  • Home, Studio, and Work Versatility – Easy to slide behind your desk or use in the Yoga studio, our fitness baps board is lightweight, portable, and compact so you can enhance your routines or improve your flexibility almost anywhere.

Tone and Tighten Your Core While Improving Balance and Posture with a StrongTek Oval Balance Board

A strong core is important to everything you do in life, be it staying active outdoors, staying focused at work, having the energy to play with your kids, or being at your best in the gym. That’s why we created the StrongTek Oval Balance Board that helps improve your flexibility, posture, balance, and core strength with low-impact exercises and abdominal engagement that helps you be at your best.

Crafted with heavy-duty plywood and offering multiple training strategies, this is a premier workout accessory for dancers, gymnasts, athletes, and people trying to get in shape.


A core balance board can be used to engage your stomach, lower bag, legs, arms, and a variety of other muscle groups through a variety of low-impact exercises and rep counts.

Multiple Functions

Used regularly the StrongTek standing balance board can help you retrain and improve your posture while strengthening connective ligament tissues and muscle fibers.

Engage and Strengthen Your Core

This oval-shaped balance board requires you to keep your core tight to avoid tilting or leaning, working and strengthening your abdominal and lower back muscles in the process. It’s perfect for standing desk areas or just enhancing Yoga training or flexibility.

Stable, Slip-Resistant Design

The wider oval design over a standard circle gives you a wider stance which can help improve your balance (especially for bigger or taller people), while the slip-resistant surface improves your foot control and stability when barefoot or wearing shoes.